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Pictured below is a brand new water pump and a very used and worn water pump. You might notice on the used one in the second picture there are no fins left on the fan as there are in the new one pictured. What might cause this you ask? Not getting the coolant flushed. Numerous components of the cooling system can be damaged if not taken care of properly. Some of the more costly repairs could be a blown head gasket, a leaking intake manifold gasket, a heater core, a radiator, or the water pump.Why Get A Coolant Flush

Flushing the coolant in your vehicle can be labeled as regularly scheduled maintenance. Each vehicle has its own recommended schedule (found in the owners manual) and depending on the climate in your area; it may be recommended to do it more often if you experience extreme weather conditions. So ...

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Is it worth fixing

Most of us that own vehicles have gotten that dreaded (yet expected) call from the service advisor of the shop we’ve dropped our vehicle off to be checked out at. The call telling us what’s wrong with the vehicle, and how much it’s going to cost to fix it.

When faced with a large repair bill, it’s easy to just tell the advisor, “No,” and deal with it when you’re not on the phone faced with an immediate decision. The best bet is to tell the advisor that you need a little while to think it over. All too often I hear, “The car isn’t worth that,” or, “I’m just gonna get another car.” To fix, or not to fix: That is the question. If you honestly believe that the car is not worth fixi ...

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During a recent differential fluid service on a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Pickup here at Superior Service Center, one of our Master Technicians had noticed the old fluid had a “sparkle” or “glitter” effect to it. Upon further inspection, after removing the rear differential carrier cover, the technician had discovered that the so-called “glitter” was in fact metal shavings from the teeth of the spider gear inside the differential unit itself. The first picture illustrates how the magnet, stuck to the inside of the differential cover, was bombarded with metal shavings. The second picture illustrated gives you an inside look at what damage was discovered inside the unit. Due to the magnet being covered with metal shavings, it was unable to continue serving its purpose of keeping those shavings from flowing around inside those gears & causing internal damage. Regularly servicing your drivetrain fluids (most ma ...

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Brake Check For Winter


Superior Service Center’s brake service includes a complete brake system evaluation, brake shoe or pad replacement, and resurfacing of drums or rotors performed by our certified technicians.  If pads are needed, we provide only the highest quality long lasting products – reducing rotor wear and resulting in reduced noise and less dust for cleaner wheels.

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Snow Packed Wheels Wells

Feel a shake or vibration? Is it hard to steer? This could be because of the build up of snow or ice in the wheel wells around your tires. Wash your car or thaw it out in a warm garage when you can. And be careful if you decide to kick it off (as I do…)- you might brake something off your car along with the ice or snow. After getting the snow or ice off, if your vehicle still has a vibration or shake, let us know and we can check it out for you.

Snow Packed Wheel Wells

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