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Website Launch Announcement:Superior Service Center of Apple Valley Launches New Site

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. The site features a fresh look, easy navigation and more focus on what the customer needs.

The new site offers inventory listings with pictures and specs. You can search a variety of ways including by vehicle and size.

With the addition of our blog, we are able to help inform and educate our customers on important tire and service information.

We invite you to visit our new website today.

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The Twin Cities is number 16 on the list of America’s worst traffic cities, according to the seventh-annual Traffic Scorecard Report which was reported by a global traffic-tracking company called INRIX.

Will it ever get better? With help from others on the road it might.



My commute to work has been frustrating. The construction on 35E N has created a lot more traffic on 494/694. This made me start thinking and wondering what could be done differently to avoid this congestion? Why! Why is it like this? Yes, I understand the volume of vehicles on the road has increased in this situation, but in general, why? Construction or no construction traffic jams hap ...

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You may have noticed the mass amount of vehicle recalls. This can be concerning and staying on top of it is a wise idea; I will tell you how below.



Most recently GM has recalled 3.4 million cars to fix ignition switches that could let the key slip into the off position. It is possible that a heavy key chain or a large road bump can cause this to happen, but it is recalled to be fixed before it does happens; (I advise in any case that your key chain not be too heavy).  If the key does slip into the off position it can be dangerous leaving airbags, power steering, and power brakes inoperable, so if your vehicle is affected please take action as soon as possible. This recal ...

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If you’re like me within the week before I leave for a road trip I like to get the house clean and all the laundry done. Then I pack the kids’ stuff, all the essentials, and then I pack my stuff. As I get ready to pack the car up within hours before we are to hit the road I realize I might need an oil change. Did I check the fluids, how are my tires? When was the last time I had the maintenance schedule checked? Who wants the trip ruined with car problems? Not me!

It’s important to have your vehicle inspected before a road trip. If you’re a do it yourselfer you can surely handle taking care of the basics of making sure your car is road ready. If not, have it looked over at the oil change before your trip or schedule a time to have a once over. Make sure you have enough oil life to get you through your trip. Read on and I will go through some basics with you; I have also included a checklist of some things you may not have on your packing list th ...

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Tires Stacked

Today the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched The TireWise Consumer Education Campaign. This campaign is to inform consumers and retailers about tires in numerous different aspects such as tire buying, tire pressure, treadwear, tire aging, and replacing tires. NHTSA stated on their website that there are nearly 11,000 tire related crashes each year and almost 200 deaths. Tire pressure, treadwear, and the age of tires can all be factors into why these accidents happen. Over time and in different weather conditions the rubber and other tire components break down. You may have heard the term “dry cracked” or “dry rot” as pictured below.

Dry Rod on Tire...

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